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My passion is to help women travel by crafting life-changing trips from planning to booking to support - all you need before, during, and after your trip.

My dedication to helping women travel safely and confidently began with a life-changing trip

My passion is to help women achieve their travel dreams by crafting life-changing trips from beginning to end. Along with my Dragon in Your Pocket Travel staff, I provide trip planning, travel advice, and comprehensive support before, during, and after your trip – so that together, we create an authentic adventure that is meaningful to you. 

After my own first life-changing trip, I realized I wanted to help other women experience that same sense of wonder, excitement, and connection that I got. So I created Dragon in Your Pocket Travel to do just that – provide the level of support each woman wants, from crafting an entire travel experience to offering advice about touring a specific city, region, or country, to booking lodging, transportation, and local tours.

So how did it all start?

Like many women, I’ve always planned my family’s vacations to make the kids and spouse happy – inadvertently placing my desires at the back of the line. Does this sound familiar? Whether the kids wanted to visit Mickey or the spouse wanted to relax at the beach, I aimed to please – everyone but myself. I became so adept at planning successful trips that I started planning trips for friends and friends of friends. 

Backpacking across Europe made me confident, adaptable, and resourceful

When my daughter graduated high school, I offered to take her on a month-long backpack trip around Europe. And travel we did – Stockholm, Munich, all around Provence, Paris, London, Edinburgh, York, and Cardiff – each with one backpack only. The space limitation required very intentional accommodation choices and careful planning of activities to have fresh clothes for the entire month.

Despite all the careful planning, we had quite a few adventures that required plenty of resourcefulness and adaptability – an AirBnB with a broken lock, a faulty alarm set for an early flight, various broken and lost items, missed trains, and more – no journey is complete without some twists and turns. Throughout the trip, I learned how to successfully advocate for our small party of two.

I finally took my dream vacation: wandering across magical Wales by myself

The next summer, I decided it was time for me!  As a solo woman traveler, I planned a trip to explore Wales: to see the beautiful countryside, meet the people, and take a Welsh language course. I wandered the country’s length and breadth, experiencing one-of-a-kind encounters from flying over a gorgeous quarry lake on the world’s fastest zipline to gazing at crystal clear, bright heavenly bodies through a massive telescope in an international dark sky reserve. 

When I returned to my hometown of Atlanta, I discovered that women are often intimidated by solo travel, whether in-country or abroad. So I started assisting women with trip creation and travel support, sometimes traveling with them myself on voyages of discovery and wonder. And Dragon in Your Pocket Travel was born!

Nowadays (when there’s not a pandemic on), I regularly travel back and forth between my bases in Atlanta and North Wales, helping women travelers of all ages, levels of experience, and travel goals.

I’ve experienced travel headaches – so you don’t have to

During the last seven years, I’ve traveled everywhere – enjoying every minute of it. However, I’ve also run into a wide range of issues and was able to effectively turn each issue into a positive learning experience. Let my hard-won expertise work for you.

Most travel is worry and problem-free. However, should you run into an issue, I’ve probably run into it myself and can help you through it. Problems at the border? I can help. Concerns about your accommodation once you arrive? I will help you transfer as needed. Miss your train or find that local transportation was canceled? I’ll help you rapidly book alternate transport. Airline misplaced your luggage? I’ll forcefully advocate for you, providing a quick resumption of your travel.

Are you a woman looking to fulfill your travel dreams?

You’ve prioritized everyone else throughout your life – now it’s time to prioritize you! Contact me, and I’ll show you how safe, fun, and convenient traveling solo as a woman or traveling in a group with other women travelers can be.

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Our company values

Honesty, curiosity, openness, sensitivity, a sense of adventure, and attention to detail – we are guided by these, our operating principles. We listen to you, and work with you to create exactly what you crave, whether that’s a stay at a 5-star castle, a coastal walking holiday with comfortable and welcoming B&Bs at the end of each day, or perhaps a deep dive into a historic city, experiencing it like a native – true trip customization. We remove the stress of crafting your own trip – we strive to provide you with authentic experiences and personal connections you can cherish and continue to enjoy long after you return home. We will curate a perfect travel experience for you – authentic experiences tailored to your specific interests, true connection to locals and culture – that’s what we love when we head out for our own travel adventures, and hope you do as well.

Come see the world with us.

Customer Love

"We had no idea how to begin planning our trip. Lori was an absolute lifesaver! She helped us plan the entire vacation – from accommodations, transfers to and from the hotels and parks, and planning our complete itinerary. Without Lori’s help, we would’ve been frazzled and overwhelmed during the week. Instead, we had an awesome – and relaxing – vacation. I highly recommend Lori. She is extremely organized, dependable, knowledgeable, friendly, and energetic."

“Lori really understood our desires and requirements for our trip, and her meticulous planning and research helped make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. She took the time to understand our wants and special needs in detail and was able to fine-tune our trip, calm my nerves, and make our daughter’s 10th birthday/family vacation into what she calls “the best trip of my life!” It has sparked a desire for travel and adventure in our children so that they are constantly talking about where they want to go next. My husband is still telling everyone about the wonderful time we had, and all the fabulous first-time experiences Lori helped us with (Airbnb, Uber, tourist destinations).”

“Dragon In Your Pocket created an amazing weekend for our large group of 9 adults and 6 children. DIYP helped us secure economical transportation to and from London, then curated a beautiful and varied assortment of destinations and adventures that everyone in our group loved. DIYP arranged lodging that was magically atmospheric (most of the adults in our group wished we’d had an extra day or two just to enjoy the hotel), planned driving and walking tours that introduced us to the history and incredible beauty of Wales, entertained the kids (and adults) with Welsh folklore and fairytales, capped it all off with an exhilarating adrenaline rush of adventure tourism, and even booked reservations for our large party at some of the best local restaurants. Whether you’re planning a full week in Wales or just a weekend getaway from London, start with Dragon In Your Pocket

Marty M
Los Angeles, CA

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